The heart of our Community is the Clubhouse. Close to Pollina, suited on a 11.000 sqm plateau overseeing the sea and mountains, the Clubhouse includes everything we need: Extensive cooking & dining facilities, in- and outdoor entertainment areas, a reading room, a 25m swimming pool, a multi purpose sports field and land to grow our own fruits and vegetables.

The Area

The Clubhouse will be located downstream from Pollina’s town center, along the provincial road that connects it to Finale, the town’s sister city. It is positioned in the heart of the Madonie National Park, which boasts one of the richest biodiversity in the entire Mediterranean and is situation 95km east of Palermo.  The popular tourist destination of Cefalu can be reached in just 35 minutes, which the beautiful Pollina Beach is a short 10minute ddrive away.

The Area

The Site

The Community Clubhouse will be built on an 11,000 sqm natural terrace at an altitude of about 530m above the sea, near Pollina’s historic centre. From there, you will have spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Aeolian Islands, Pollina, and the surrounding Madonie Natural Park. Another 37,000 sqm of forest and agriculture land is at our disposal.


Our recreational facilities offer a lush and pleasant year-round experience for families and friends. At first, the facilities will feature a bar, kitchen, dining area, TV lounge, and restrooms that are accessible to people with disabilities, as well as an outdoor bar, BBQ area, fresh water fountain, and a 25-meter lap pool. As we continue to develop the property, we plan to add additional amenities such as parking areas, a multi-purpose sports field, a sauna, a gym, and extensive garden areas.


The Clubhouse is a one-story building that is oriented towards the town of Pollina. Its design emphasizes leisure, cooking, dining, and entertaining, and features a unique roof structure that enhances the views. The living room is situated to face Pollina, while the dining space overlooks the swimming pool and the sea to the north. The bar area faces east, and the building also includes covered pergola areas that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces

Swimming Pool

25 meters salt water lap pool to stay in shape

Outdoor Area

Extensive outdoor space to excercise, chill or dance


Kitchen for service and joint cooking activities

Outdoor BBQ

Outdoor BBQ area for the mild summer months

Bar Indoor

Indoor bar with beautiful views over the sea and park

Bar Outdoor

Outdoor bar with beautiful views to ignite the evening

Dining Indoor

Spacious indoor dining area for the cooler days

Dining Outdoor

Extensive outdoor dining with a view to the Aelion islands

TV Lounge

Our retreat within the retreat with beautiful views on Pollina

Gardene Area

Extensive garden area with fresh fruits and vegetables

Drinking Fountain

Fresh water fountain to eliminate plastic bottles

Fast Wi-Fi

For the ones who really need it, fast Wi-Fi

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the construction started in 2023. It will include the Clubhouse including the interiors, the pool and pool area, the sewage and irrigation system as well as basic greeneries and pathways. Once phase 1 is completed in 2025, the Clubhouse will open it’s doors as all neccessary facilities are completed for an exceptional community living experience. Once more people are joining and new funds are secured, we start with the roll-out of phase 2 of our project.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of our development plan will focus on creating lush green spaces and pathways, constructing a multi-purpose sports field, and building designated parking areas. Once the Clubhouse is complete, we will turn our attention to stage 3 and consider additional investments to make life in Pollina even more desirable. For example, we may introduce a fleet of electric vehicles or establish our own beach Lido.