When was the Escapees Community established?

The project started in May 2019, the first visit to Pollina was in the following October. In July 2020 we founded the Milan based legal entity Escapees S.r.l. which acquired in September 2020 the Club House land from the Pollina Municipality. We received the building permit for the Club House in March 2021 and after several visits of friends & family, in July 2022 9 new families joint the project via a capital increase of Escapees S.r.l..

What was the inspiration behind Escapees Community?

Everything started with the infamous articles about the €1 houses in Sicily. The instant thought was “wouldn’t it be great to get a couple of houses with old friends from the Shanghai days who are now spread all over the world and re-live our good old community days”.  During the course of the project, we realized that new community living can be an essential  starting point to re-vitalize an entire village.

Who started Escapees Community?

The Escapees Community is the brainchild of Stefan Kohlmeyer, who was shortly after  joined by Paul Sheridan. Stefan and Paul lived together in Shanghai and are working since 2019 on the Escapees Community project. In 2020, our dear friend Antonella , whom we know from the Shanghai days, started to join as well.

Why Sicily? Why Pollina?

We looked at many places from Thailand to Costa Rica to Portugal, Greece and Spain. At the end we settled for Pollina as Sicily provided the best mix out of legal reliability, mild climate, easy logistics and low real estate prices.

How do I become a member?

You can join the Escapees Community via an investment into our Milan based legal entity Escapees S.l.r.. However an initial referral from an existing member is obligatory. You can get in touch with us via [email protected].

How expensive is my membership?

The current minimum investment for a life-time membership is €25.000, represented by shares into Escapees S.r.l., holding all the assets like the Club House building, the land and the business operation. We expect that the future price is going up, once the construction is completed and evaluated at real market price.

Can I sell my membership?

Yes, you can sell your membership via a sale of your shares in Escapees S.r.l.. If your shareholding in Escapees S.r.l. falls below a certain threshold, you forfeit the usage and access right to the Club House.

What do I get for my membership?

You will have access to House with lounge area, open kitchen, dining and entertainment areas as well as the outdoor pool with a stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea. Further gadgets like a tennis court, a common boat or a separate section at the lido can be realised when we have enough members joining.

Is housing included in the membership?

No, housing is not included in the membership. It’s up to every member if he/she wants to buy, newly build or rent a property in Pollina and the surrounding area.

How much money do I have to spend to buy a house in Pollina?

It depends on how large a house you want and how much you are willing to spend on renovations. You can get houses for as cheap as 1 €, but should be aware that you will have to put in some money for renovation. Construction prices increased significantly in the past 2 years, hence expect to invest around €1.200 per sqm for a full renovation.

Can I legally buy property in Sicily?

If you are an EU-citizen, you can buy property in Italy without any problems. Non-EU-citizens can buy a property in Italy if their country has a reciprocity treaty with Italy, e.g. the citizens from the US, Singapore or China. However, if your country does not have a reciprocity treaty, there are still options for you to legally become a home owner in Italy.

Is there someone helping me with the legal affairs connected to the purchase of a property?

As we are going through the process ourselves, we will help you with the paperwork (like setting up a bank account) and connect you to the necessary authorities and our notary. In Italy, notaries perform more duties than normally and are e.g. responsible for checking that the property is free of any debts, so you want to make sure that you have a good notary at hand. Our preferred notary is


Studio Notarile

Notaio Criscuoli Rosalia

Via Giacomo Leopardi Nr. 23

90144 Palermo (PA)


Tel.: 0916259903

E-mail: [email protected]

Where do I find architects and construction companies to renovate my house?

Once you have decided to buy a property in Pollina, we are more than happy to put you in contact with reliable and trusted companies that we have already worked with and made good experience with, if you don’t want to look for your own contacts.

Do I get any subsidies for the renovation of my property?

The Italian government offers several subsidies when renovating your home in a specific way, e.g. an Eco Bonus. However, we are not sure if they apply for non-Italians as well. We will go through the entire process ourselves and see how the several subsidies apply to us and will keep you updated.

Is my investment in Sicily safe?

Sicily being part of Italy and thus the European Union ensures a reliable legal environment with a high degree of legal security, so you can rest assured that your investment is as safe as it gets in the EU.

Do I have to pay property tax on my house in Pollina?

There are several property taxes you have to pay, depending on whether you choose to use your Pollina home as your main residence or as a holiday home. You can find more information in the Real Estate section.

How long can I stay in Sicily at a time?

EU-citizens can spend as much time in Sicily as they want. Non-EU-citizens are held to a maximum stay of 90 days. We will work together with our notary and the Pollina Municipality to find ways how to extend the stay beyond these 90 days.