Pollina is a hidden gem, offering a perfect investment opportunity for a relaxing getaway with its low real estate prices, tax breaks, mild climate, spectacular sea and mountain views, and recreational activities. With a population of almost 3,000, it offers basic infrastructure, including grocery shops, pharmacies, restaurants & bars, and fiber optics connections.


It’s a stunning town on a 900m rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Madonie National Park. Pollina is just 10 km from the sea and a short drive from Palermo, the island’s capital and home to one of its two international airports. Cefalù, a popular seaside tourist attraction with extensive shopping opportunities is about 19 km away and open year-round.


Pollina has a long history dating back to the 12th century. The remains of the Medieval Castle, including a square tower, can be seen at the Pietra Rosa theatre. The legend of the Norman princess Pulina and the Arab vizier Ayub reflects the multiculturality of the region. Pollina’s sea outlet Finale was crucial to the economic and commercial life of the area controlled by the Ventimiglias.


The Church of San Pietro, mentioned in 1137, and the Matrice, built before the 16th century, are among the oldest buildings in the historic center. The Church of San Giuliano hosts the annual feast of the patron saint of Pollina. The modern amphitheatre “Pietra Rosa” offers a stunning view of Madonie Park and hosts various cultural events including the Wild Boar Festival, the Valdemone and Science Festivals, and the Manna Festival.

La Dolce Vitae

“La Dolce Vita” is a quintessential Italian lifestyle, centered around delicious food, tasty wine, and beautiful surroundings. The renowned close by winery “Abbazzia Santa Anastasia” is located on the grounds of a 12th-century abbey and offers biodynamic wines, cooking classes, and grape-harvesting experiences. The Madonie region is famous for its landscapes, wines, olives, and cheeses. Local cheese factories offer olive harvesting and milling demonstrations in November.

Sports & Leisure

Pollina offers a range of outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, river rafting, cycling, trekking, climbing, and horseback riding. You can rent boats or join a guided tour, rent bikes or horses, or go paragliding or skiing in the nearby mountains. Golf lovers can visit Villa Airoldi Golf Club close to Palermo. Wellness centres are available in Cefalù for a relaxing day at the spa.


Pollina has the the typical Southern Mediterranean mild climate with early springs, long autumns and mild winters allows for a pleasant stay year-round. The average temperature in Pollina is at 12°C in winter and up to 28°C in the summer-time, with the most comfortable temperatures and little rain from late April to early November.

Getting There

Sicily and Pollina are easily accessible by plane, car, train and ferry. Palermo and Catania airports have daily flights to major European airports. Car rentals are available at both. Trains run from Rome to Palermo with stops in Cefalù and San Stefano di Camastra-Mistretta. Daily ferries depart from Genoa and Naples to Palermo. Fast boats called “Aliscafi” offer day trips to the Aeolian Islands.